Unity Force Security Services

At Unity Force, we provide a quality and reliable Unarmed Security Guard Services to clients in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Labuan and throughout Sabah.

Whether you are a business owner with a warehouse, live in a gated housing development or manage a supermarket, the always prevalent issue of crime in Kota Kinabalu and throughout over Sabah makes it vital for individuals and businesses to ensure that their premises and assets are always under watch to mitigate the risk of loss, damage or theft from occuring.

Unity Force's approach to security differs from other security providers as we believe that the key to protecting a clients assets lie in our ability to train our Security Guards to follow a set of procedures tailored to meet each clients specific requirements. Unity Force's numerous branch offices spread throughout Sabah allows us to provide clients with quality Security Guards irrespective of their location.

Unity Force is fully insured, and all our Security Guards are Malaysian citizens that are registered and vetted by the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) online Security Vetting Portal which incorporates a criminal history screening by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

Whilst your safety will always be our main priority, Unity Force places equal priority on the welfare of all our Security Guards and employees. Unity Force strictly adheres to all Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) regulations regarding working hours and remuneration.

Our security services are competitively prices, so do talk to us regarding your needs and we will give a quotation as soon as possible.

Why Clients Choose Unity Force?

Unity Force specializes in providing our clients with quality and reliable manpower who are trained to follow a set of Standard Operating Procedures that are written especially for each client. Unlike other security service providers that deploy unguided manpower, Unity Force provides a Security Guard Service that ensures that our Security Guards perform the security related tasks that each client requires.
Why choose Unity Force?

1. Standard Operating Procedures

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is created for each client highlighting the exact job scope and duties of each Security Guard, as well as how to respond in an emergency situation.

2. Supervision

A Patrolling Officer will routinely visit each site to inspect the appearance and discipline of each Security Guard and to provie training to ensure that each Security Guard is following the jobscope listed in their clients SOP's.

3. Client Feedback

On a monthly basis, Unity Force will meet with each client and receive their feedback and input regarding the performance of our Security Guards, and discuss any procedural amendements required to further improving our services.

4. Reporting

On a monthly basis Unity Force will complete and submit to each client a report highlighting any problems, issues or encounters that have occurred at their site over the week.

5. Fully Insured Service

Unity Force always maintains comprehensive insurance coverage, giving our clients peace of mind.

6. Staff Welfare Unity Force management prioritizes the welfare of all our staff members.

This includes adhering to applicable Labour Ordinances, complying with Minimum Wages Orders, routine payment of KWSP and SOCSO and ensuring that all staff members receive their salaries on time. These commitments results in a better quality of security guard service due to minimum manpower turnover and a higher level of commitment from our Security Guards to our clients.

Unity Force's Approach to Security?

Unity Force believes that the key to protecting a Clients assets comes down to the following four elements:

Standard Operating Procedures

Unity Force creates a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each Client. This SOP is a written document that highlights the exact job scopes, duties and responsibilities of each Security Guard deployed at a Clients site. This SOP will include an Emergency Response Plan (ERP), indicating how the Client wishes for Unity Force Security Guards are to react and manage a range of emergency situations.


A Patrolling Officer is assigned to each Client and will routinely visit each Clients site. When visiting a site the Patrolling Officer will inspect the appearance and discipline of each Security Guard and ensure that the Security Guards are following the job scopes listed in their Clients SOP's. In the event that any discrepancies are found, the Patrolling Officer will take action immediately.

Client Feedback

Accurate and constructive feedback from each Client is imperative to ensuring that Unity Force delivers a Security Service that meets the needs and demands of each Client. On a monthly basis, the Patrolling Officer will schedule an appointment with each Client and request that they complete a Feedback Form. The feedback form is essential for both Unity Force and the Client as it allows the Client to highlight any issues or problems that they have encountered with Unity Force (if any) whilst it allows Unity Force to highlight any challenges or issues identifies by the deployed Security Guards. Unity Force Management receive a copy of each Feedback Form, so in the event that the Client does highlight an issue or problem, Unity Force Management will follow-up to ensure that it is resolved immediately.

Client Communication & Written Reporting Structure

Unity Force utilizes a 2 tier written reporting structure.
Tier 1: Takes place on-site. Each location is equipped with a Report Book in which the Security Guard on duty will complete an hourly report highlighting any notable activities that have taken place over that past hour. Any notable events that require further escalation to either the Client or Unity Force Management will be noted on an Incident Report Form.

Tier 2: Takes place off site. On a monthly basis the Patrolling Officer will complete a written report of each site highlighting any events, comments or feedback that have taken place over the past month. This Monthly Report is checked and approved by Unity Force Management before being submitted to each Client on a monthly basis.

Security Consultancy Services

Unity Force offers a security consultancy services offering a range of practical solutions to clients whom want to:
* Identify and rectify existing security risks and flaws.
* Commission practical and user friendly system that meets their security objectives.

Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

The primary goal of an SRA is to identify security weaknesses and risks at a site that has existing security procedures, protocols and systems in place.

An SRA will cover both physical security components and operational security components.
Examples of security risks may include:
* Excessive number of entry points.
* Visitor and contractor management procedures that lack integrity.
* Lack of physical security barriers.
* Poorly designed CCTV systems that offer limited useable information.
* Lack of background vetting for security personnel deployed at a site.

The SRA will offer cost effective solutions to eliminate or mitigate each identified risk.

Security System Design Consultancy

This service is for clients who are in the process of planning and designing or constructing a site and intend on installing security systems such as ingress/egress control or a CCTV system.
Far too often we see a client spend a substantial amount of funds on their sites security systems, but upon installation and commissioning of these systems they discover that these systems are impractical, not user friendly, do not meet their security objectives and ultimately have to spend additional funds to rectify their poor planning.
Unity Force's Security System Design Consultancy will assist with the planning and design phases to ensure that the client purchases and installs the security systems that they require and does not waste funds and time installing inadequate systems.

About Unity Force Security Guard Services

Unity Force Sdn Bhd was established in 2008 by Datuk Haji Iliyas Ibrahim.
Datuk Haji Iliyas is well known in the security service industry as he was the first Sabahan to be appointed as the Commissioner of Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) Sabah.

Upon retiring from PDRM, Datuk Haji Iliyas was appointed as the Mayor of Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK), a post which he held for two successive terms.

From his many years serving in the Royal Malaysian Police, Datuk Haji Iliyas identified the importance of the private security industry in Sabah and thoroughly understands the role it plays in the prevention of crime, theft and robberies. On this basis, Datuk Haji Iliyas established Unity Force.

Unity Force is licensed by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kementerian Dalam Negeri), a member of the Security Industry Association of Malaysia (PIKM), fully insured and complies with all Ministry of Human Resources (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) and Ministry of Home Affairs ordinances and regulations.

The quality and consistency of Unity Force's security services has allowed Unity Force to establish an extensive portfolio of private clientele as well as providing services to the Government of Malaysia and associated ministries.

Unity Force currently provides uniformed unarmed security guards, security consultancy services and security risk assessment services to oil & gas companies, housing and real estate developers, property managers, foreign consular offices, factories, shopping centres, car parks, private hospitals and private offices.